Network of Excellence in Internet Science


Type of Publication Year of Conference Which JRA does it relate to?sort descending
Experiences with a social travel information system Conference Proceedings 2013
The ATHENE Project: The importance of bricolage in personalising assisted living technologies Journal Article 2013
Ethnomethodology at play Book 2013
The State of Practice in Model-Driven Engineering Journal Article 2013
Master class: Co-producing assisted living technologies and services Journal Article 2013
Interactional Order and Constructed Ways of Seeing with Touchless Imaging Systems in Surgery Journal Article 2013
Unpacking tacit knowledge for requirements engineering Book Chapter 2013
Industrial Adoption of Model-Driven Engineering: Are the Tools Really the Problem? Book Chapter 2013
How Many Bloody Examples Do You Want?” Fieldwork and Generalisation Conference Proceedings 2013
Game-theoretic and complexity approaches to HDI Conference Paper 2013
Games and Networks Conference Paper 2013
Networked information as a substitute for regulation Presentation 2013
The Internet of Things and the boundaries of humanity Conference Paper 2013
The contribution of Internet Science to the management of climate change Conference Paper 2013
Global governance indicators development Conference Paper 2013
Are the resources available? Spectrum, IP addresses, phone numbers, and standards Conference Paper 2013
Data Protection: impact of a new framework on citizens, industry and governments Conference Paper 2013
Content Propagation in Online Social Networks Thesis 2014
“Seed + expand”: a general methodology for detecting publication oeuvres of individual researchers Journal Article 2014
Using Tuangou to Reduce IP Transit Costs Journal Article 2014 JRA 1 and JRA7
Resilience and Opportunistic Forwarding: Beyond Average Value Analysis Conference Paper 2013 JRA 1 and JRA7
Visualizing Internet-Measurements Data for Research Purposes: the NeuViz Data Visualization Tool Conference Paper 2013 JRA 3 and JRA4
ICT Ownership and the right to the hybrid city Conference Paper 2013 JRA 4 and JRA6
Dynamic key management in wireless sensor networks: A survey Journal Article 2013 JRA 5
Evolving Ethnography for Virtual Communities Conference Proceedings 2013 JRA 5 and JRA6