Network of Excellence in Internet Science


Type of Publication Year of Publicationsort descending Which JRA does it relate to?
CIPT: Using Tuangou to Reduce IP Transit Costs Conference Proceedings 2011 JRA1 and JRA7
The Role of Human Sciences in the Future Internet Design Presentation 2011 JRA2
The hitchhiker's guide to the Network Neutrality Bot test methodology Conference Paper 2011 JRA3 and JRA4
The network neutrality bot architecture: A preliminary approach for self-monitoring of Internet access QoS Conference Paper 2011 JRA3 and JRA4
An Experimental Framework for Data Gathering and Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks Conference Proceedings 2011 JRA8
Survey of Private Copyright Documentation Systems and Practices Book 2011 JRA4 and JRA5
The 'principles governing charging' for re-use of public sector information Journal Article 2011 JRA4 and JRA6
Should Specific Values Be Embedded In The Internet Architecture? Conference Proceedings 2011 JRA2 and JRA4
T4P: Hybrid Interconnection for Cost Reduction Conference Proceedings 2012 JRA1 and JRA7
Algebraic Analysis of the Computation in the Belousov-Zhabotinksy Reaction Conference Paper 2012 JRA1
Involving Art in the Development of an Internet Science Presentation 2012 JRA1
AIST: Insights into Queuing and Loss on Highly Multiplexed Links Journal Article 2012 JRA1 and JRA7
Obscure Giants: Detecting the Provider-Free ASes Journal Article 2012 JRA1 and JRA7
Cloud computing, trans-border data flows and the European Directive 95/46/EC: applicable law and task distribution Journal Article 2012 JRA5
U.S. Concern About the European Right to Be Forgotten and Free Speech: Much Ado About Nothing? Journal Article 2012 JRA4 and JRA5
Securing the 802.11 MAC in MANETs: A Specification-based Intrusion Detection Engine Conference Paper 2012 JRA1 and JRA7
Combined Contention and TDMA-Based Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks Conference Paper 2012 JRA1 and JRA8
Non-Interactive Public Accountability for Sanitizable Signatures Conference Paper 2012 JRA7
Novel assessment of a peer- peer road accident survival system Conference Paper 2012 JRA7
Indistinguishability of One-Way Accumulators Unpublished 2012 JRA7
Redactable vs. Sanitizable Signatures Unpublished 2012 JRA7
Transparent Mergeable Redactable Signatures with Signer Commitment and Applications Unpublished 2012 JRA7
Significance of Visual Interfaces in Institutional and User-generated Databases with Category Structures Conference Paper 2012 JRA2 and JRA3
Turing, the Internet and a Theory for Architecture: A (Fictional?) Tale in Three Parts Journal Article 2012 JRA2
From Internet Architecture Research to Standards, Future Internet: From Promises to Reality Journal Article 2012 JRA2