Network of Excellence in Internet Science


Type of Publication Year of Publication Which JRA does it relate to?
Permutation Groups Associated to a Complete Invariant for Graphs Presentation 2015 Relates to STRUCTNET project.
The structure and dynamics of multilayer networks Journal Article 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA3, JRA4, JRA5, JRA6, JRA7, JRA8
Degree correlations in directed scale-free networks Journal Article 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA3, JRA7
Data Ingredients: smart disclosure and open government data as complementary tools to meet policy objectives. The case of energy efficiency Conference Paper 2014 JRA3, JRA4
Hiding in the Mobile Crowd: Location Privacy through Collaboration Journal Article 2014 JRA5
Prolonging the Hide-and-Seek Game: Optimal Trajectory Privacy for Location-Based Services Conference Proceedings 2014 JRA5
Remote Peering: More Peering without Internet Flattening Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA7
Economics of Traffic Attraction by Transit Providers Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA7
Cost-Effective Multi-Mode Offloading with Peer-Assisted Communications Journal Article 2015 JRA1, JRA7
Impact of lay-controlled digital social networks on health and health systems Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA6
Strategic coordination and learning of, on and by networks Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA2
Excess Baggage Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA4, JRA5
One size fits none Conference Paper 2014 JRA5
Internet science, social science and policy, UiO (University of Oslo CS Department) Presentation 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA4
Net neutrality, privacy and innovative business models Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA4
Internet science and the reform of the DNS system, Policy discussion, Nominet, Oxford Presentation 2014 JRA1, JRA4
Architecture, design and global Internet Governance Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA4, JRA5, JRA8
Implications of Internet Science for 'singularity' in Digital Life scenarios Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA5, JRA6, JRA8
Seminar on networked persons, Trinity College, Oxford Presentation 2014 JRA1, JRA6
Shaping the ‘multiple disciplinary’ approach in the Digital Agenda for Europe-relevant sections of H2020 Conference Paper 2014 JRA2, JRA4, JRA5, JRA6, JRA8
Data governance, Research group presentation, Cambridge University Presentation 2014 JRA4, JRA6, JRA8
Contributions of Internet Science to cyber-security strategy, Information Assurance Advisory Committee Briefing, BCS, London Presentation 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA4, JRA6
Internet-based enterprises Conference Paper 2014 JRA2, JRA4, JRA5
Internet ready? (Internet ready legislation) Conference Paper 2014 JRA4, JRA6, JRA8
The Future of Finance, Economics Society public debate Presentation 2014 JRA1