Network of Excellence in Internet Science


Type of Publication Year of Publication Which JRA does it relate to?
Legislative applications of Internet Science, Meeting with House of Commons Technology Committee chair (Chi Omwurah), House of Commons Presentation 2014 JRA4
Technologies and Health in Resource Limited Settings – Society and Ethics: A Science & Technology for Health GRP network Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA4
Data Protection: impact of a new framework on citizens, industry and governments Conference Paper 2013
Are the resources available? Spectrum, IP addresses, phone numbers, and standards Conference Paper 2013
Global governance indicators development Conference Paper 2013
The contribution of Internet Science to the management of climate change Conference Paper 2013
The Internet of Things and the boundaries of humanity Conference Paper 2013
Networked information as a substitute for regulation Presentation 2013
Games and Networks Conference Paper 2013
Game-theoretic and complexity approaches to HDI Conference Paper 2013
Emotube: A Sentiment Analysis Integrated Environment for Social Web Content Conference Proceedings 2014 JRA2
Low-cost Enhancement of the Intra-domain Internet Robustness Against Intelligent Node Attacks Conference Paper 2015 JRA1, JRA7
Comparative Assessment of Centrality Indices and Implications on the Vulnerability of ISP Networks Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA7
Distributed Placement of Autonomic Internet Services Journal Article 2014 JRA1
Managing competition for (public) resources in human-centric networked environments Conference Paper 2015 JRA1
Cognitive Structure of Collective Awareness Platforms Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA6, JRA5
Equilibrium Analysis in the Parking Search Game with Heuristic Strategies Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
Trading Public Parking Space Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
Vulnerability of Opportunistic Parking Assistance Systems to Vehicular Node Selfishness Journal Article 2014 JRA1, JRA7
Experimental Evaluation and Comparative Study on Energy Efficiency of the Evolving IEEE 802.11 Standards Conference Paper 2014 JRA8
NITOS BikesNet: Enabling Mobile Sensing Experiments through the OMF Framework in a city-wide environment Conference Paper 2014 JRA8
Collaborative Placement and sharing of Storage Resources in the Smart Grid Conference Paper In Press JRA8
Optimal Design of Serious Games for Demand Side Management Conference Paper In Press JRA8
Efficient Incentive-driven Consumption Curtailment Mechanisms in Nega-Watt Markets Conference Paper In Press JRA8
Integrating of Sensor Networks and Social Networks: Challenging Issues Journal Article Submitted JRA8