Network of Excellence in Internet Science


Type of Publication Year of Publication Which JRA does it relate to?
Experiences with a social travel information system Conference Proceedings 2013
At home with users: a comparative view of Living Labs Journal Article 2014 JRA6
The Day-to-Day Co-Production of Ageing in Place Journal Article 2014 JRA1
Trustworthy by design Conference Proceedings 2014 JRA2, JRA5
Designing with users for domestic environments: methods-challenges-lessons learned Conference Proceedings 2014 JRA2
Touchless interaction in surgery Journal Article 2014 JRA1
ENERGYTEST: A Tool for Assessing Building Energy Sustainability Conference Paper 2014 JRA8
Smoothing peak demands through aggregate control of background electrical loads Conference Paper 2014 JRA8
Assessing the Effect of Introducing Adaptive Charging Stations in Public EV Charging Infrastructures Conference Paper 2014 JRA8
The Role of Trusted Relationships on Content Spread in Distributed Online Social Networks Conference Paper 2014 JRA6
Distributed protocols for Ego Betweenness Centrality computation in DOSNs Conference Paper 2014 JRA6
Information Diffusion in OSNs: the Impact of Nodes’ Sociality Conference Paper 2014 JRA6
Service provisioning through opportunistic computing in mobile clouds Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
Offloading through Opportunistic Networks with Dynamic Content Requests Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
Adaptive Data Offloading in Opportunistic Networks through an Actor-Critic Learning Method Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
Duty Cycling in Opportunistic Networks: the Effect on Intercontact Times Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
A Hybrid Cross-Entropy Cognitive-based Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Cloud Environments Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
Optimal duty cycling in mobile opportunistic networks with end-to-end delay guarantees Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
Community Detection in Opportunistic Networks using Memory-based Cognitive Heuristics Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
Service Composition in Opportunistic Networks: A Load and Mobility Aware Solution Journal Article In Press JRA1
Scalable data dissemination in opportunistic networks through cognitive methods Journal Article 2014 JRA1
Performance modelling of opportunistic forwarding under heterogenous mobility Journal Article 2014 JRA1
The stability region of the delay in Pareto opportunistic networks Journal Article 2014 JRA1
SPoT: Representing the Social, Spatial, and Temporal Dimensions of Human Mobility with a Unifying Framework Journal Article 2014 JRA1
Defining a New Paradigm for Data Protection in the World of Big Data Analytics Conference Paper 2014 JRA5