Network of Excellence in Internet Science


Type of Publication Year of Publication Which JRA does it relate to? - Access to Law Conference Paper 2014 JRA4, JRA6
Hyper-power and private monopoly: the unholy marriage of (neo) corporatism and the imperial surveillance state Journal Article 2014 JRA4, JRA5
Net neutrality Regulation in the UK: More Transparency and Switching Book Chapter 2014 JRA4
Law and Technology Book Chapter 2014 JRA1, JRA4
Net Neutrality Regulation in the UK: More Transparency and Switching Journal Article 2015 JRA4
IOs and the Transforming Global Internet Policy Architectures: From Discourse to Concepts to Instruments Conference Paper 2014 JRA4
Internet Governance Institutionalization: Tensions and Trajectories Conference Paper 2014 JRA4
IOs in the Global Internet Governance Architecture: Inconspicuous Strategic Players Conference Paper 2014 JRA4
Impact of digital social networks on health and health systems Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
A Double Auction Mechanism for Mobile Data Offloading Markets Journal Article In Press JRA1
Hybrid Data Pricing for Network-Assisted User-Provided Connectivity Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
A Framework for Mobile Data Offloading to Leased Cache-endowed Small Cell Networks Conference Paper 2014 JRA1
Incentive Mechanisms for User-Provided Networks Journal Article 2014 JRA1
Violation of interdomain routing assumptions Conference Paper 2014 JRA3
A survey on predicting the popularity of web content Journal Article 2014 JRA3
From popularity prediction to ranking online news Journal Article 2014 JRA3
From an Idea to a Scalable Working Model: Merging Economic Benefits with Social Values in Sardex Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA2
Designing for local institutions in the hybrid city Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA4
Hybrid Spaces of Transition, Wide Open Call for Calls Journal Article 2014 JRA1, JRA2
CONTACT: Facilitating Information Sharing between Strangers Using Hyper-local Community Wireless Networks Conference Paper 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA6
Do It Yourself Networking: an interdisciplinary approach (Dagstuhl seminar 14042) Journal Article 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA4, JRA6
The Right(s) to the Hybrid City and the Role of DIY Networking Journal Article 2014 JRA1, JRA2, JRA4, JRA6
Privacy Enhanced Demand Response with Reputation-based Incentive Distribution Conference Paper 2014 JRA8
Measuring and Controlling Unfairness in Decentralized Planning of Energy Demand Conference Paper 2014 JRA8
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Data Processing Architectures for the Smart Grid Conference Paper 2014 JRA8