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R. Torrenti, Satsiou, A., Tassiulas, L., Sarantidou, C., Fdida, S., Hooper, C., Gorinsky, S., Hutchison, D., Marsden, C., Niavis, H., Niedermayer, H., Oostveen, A. - M., Rouncefield, M., Stavrakakis, I., and Tiropanis, T., Deliverable 13.3.2: Dissemination report, 2014.PDF icon D13.3.2_Final_opt.pdf (3.13 MB)
C. Hooper, Hedge, N., Hutchison, D., Papadimitriou, D., Passarella, A., Tassiulas, L., Sourlas, V., Satsiou, A., and Wüchner, P., Deliverable 2.3: Whitepaper on recommendations for funding agencies, 2014.PDF icon D2 3_final.pdf (736.21 KB)
M. Hadef, Apostolaras, A., O'Reilly, J., Mourad, A., Mouhouche, B., Koutsopoulos, I., Korakis, T., and Tassiulas, L., Energy Aware Buffer Aided Cooperative Relay Selection, in IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2014, Instanbul, Turkey, 6 - 9 April, 2014.PDF icon bare_conf_wcnc_v4.pdf (395.72 KB)
S. Keranidis, Kazdaridis, G., Makris, N., Korakis, T., Koutsopoulos, I., and Tassiulas, L., Experimental Evaluation and Comparative Study on Energy Efficiency of the Evolving IEEE 802.11 Standards, in ACM e-Energy 2014, Oxford, UK, 11-13 June, Oxford, UK, 2014.
K. Poularakis, Iosifidis, G., and Tassiulas, L., A Framework for Mobile Data Offloading to Leased Cache-endowed Small Cell Networks, in IEEE MASS, 2014, 2014.PDF icon Mobile-data-offloading-to-cached-SBS.pdf (297.7 KB)
L. Gao, Iosifidis, G., Huang, J., and Tassiulas, L., Hybrid Data Pricing for Network-Assisted User-Provided Connectivity, in IEEE Infocom, Canada, 2014.PDF icon GIHT-HybridDataPricingPlan-CR.pdf (839.62 KB)
G. Iosifidis, Gao, L., Huang, J., and Tassiulas, L., Incentive Mechanisms for User-Provided Networks, IEEE Communications Magazine, Special Issue on User-centric Networking and Services, vol. September, 2014.PDF icon Incentive-Mechanisms-for-UPNs.pdf (285.87 KB)
G. Kazdaridis, Stavropoulos, D., Maglogiannis, V., Korakis, T., Lalis, S., and Tassiulas, L., NITOS BikesNet: Enabling Mobile Sensing Experiments through the OMF Framework in a city-wide environment, in IEEE MDM 2014, 15-18 July, Brisbane, Australia, 2014.
A. Satsiou and Tassiulas, L., Propagating Users' Similarity towards improving Recommender Systems, in Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, Warsaw, Poland, 11–14 August, 2014.PDF icon Satsiou_WIC_2014.pdf (290.44 KB)
K. Salamatian, Antoniadis, P., Cave, J., Dini, P., Griffiths, F., Hutchison, D., Papadimitriou, D., Tiropanis, T., Satsiou, A., Maglavera, S., and Tassiulas, L., Deliverable 1.1: What challenges for Internet Science ?, 2013.PDF icon D1 1_EINS_deliverable_FINAL.pdf (585.26 KB)
L. Tassiulas, Maglavera, S., and Satsiou, A., Deliverable 14.1: Workprogramme (for call for proposals) - Guide for proposers, 2013.PDF icon EINS_D14_1_Final2.pdf (2.45 MB)
A. Satsiou, Maglavera, S., and Tassiulas, L., Deliverable 14.2: List of Open Call Successful projects, 2013.PDF icon D14.2_Final.pdf (1.23 MB)
P. Basaras, Katsaros, D., and Tassiulas, L., Detecting Influential Spreaders in Complex, Dynamic Networks, IEEE Computer magazine, vol. 46, no. 4, pp. 26-31, 2013.PDF icon IEEE_Computer_mag13bkt.pdf (1.6 MB)
L. Gao, Iosifidis, G., Huang, J., and Tassiulas, L., Economics of Mobile Data Offloading, in IEEE Smart Data Pricing (SDP) Workshop, 2013.PDF icon Econsofmobdata.pdf (1.5 MB)
V. Maglogiannis, Kazdaridis, G., Stavropoulos, D., Korakis, T., and Tassiulas, L., Enabling Mobile Sensing through a DTN Framework, WinTech 2013, Miami, 30 September. 2013.PDF icon wintech23d-maglogiannis.pdf (3.79 MB)
M. Hadef, Apostolaras, A., Mourad, A., Oreilly, J., Koutsopoulos, I., Korakis, T., and Tassiulas, L., Energy Efficiency Performance Evaluation of Back-Presure Driven Cooperative Relay Selection for WiMAX Systems, in EMUTools 2013 Workshop, Cannes, 5-7 March , 2013.PDF icon EMUTOOLS-2013.pdf (799.14 KB)
D. Giatsios, Apostolaras, A., Korakis, T., and Tassiulas, L., Methodology and Tools for Measurements on Wireless Testbeds: The NITOS Approach, in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), vol. 7586, 2013.PDF icon lncs_paper_final.pdf (3.51 MB)
S. Keranidis, Kazdaridis, G., Passas, V., Korakis, T., Koutsopoulos, I., and Tassiulas, L., Online Energy Consumption Monitoring of Wireless Testbed Infrastructure through the NITOS EMF Framework, in WinTech 2013, Miami, Florida, 30 September, 2013.PDF icon Keranidis_NITOS_EMF_WinTECH_2013_demo.pdf (1.96 MB)
V. Passas, Chounos, K., Keranidis, S., Liu, W., Hollevoet, L., Korakis, T., Koutsopoulos, I., Moerman, I., and Tassiulas, L., Online Evaluation of Sensing Characteristics for Radio Platforms in the CREW Federated Testbed, Mobicom 2013, Miami, Florida, 30 September . 2013.PDF icon CREW_Mobicom_2013_demo.pdf (6.99 MB)