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I. Komnios, Tsapeli, F., and Gorinsky, S., Cost-Effective Multi-Mode Offloading with Peer-Assisted Communications, Ad Hoc Networks, vol. 25(B), pp. 370-382, 2015.
M. Pahl, Data-Centric Service-Oriented Management of Things, in IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM 2015), Ottawa, Canada, 2015.
J. Busby, Hutchison, D., Rouncefield, M., Niedermayer, H., and Smith, P., Deliverable 7.2.2: Social aspects in understanding Internet as critical infrastructure and implications for future networks, 2015.PDF icon EINS_JRA7_D7.2.2.pdf (1.83 MB)
H. Niedermayer, Deliverable 7.3.3: 3rd report on integration and excellence building in Internet as Critical Infrastructure, 2015.PDF icon EINS_JRA7_D7.3.3.pdf (605.28 KB)
J. Schlamp, Holz, R., Gasser, O., Korsten, A., Jacquemart, Q., Carle, G., and Biersack, E. W., Investigating the nature of routing anomalies: Closing in on subprefix hijacking attacks, 7th Int. Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis, Barcelona, Spain. 2015.
P. Pantazopoulos and Stavrakakis, I., Low-cost Enhancement of the Intra-domain Internet Robustness Against Intelligent Node Attacks, in International Conference on Design of Reliable Communication Networks (IEEE/IFIP DRCN), 2015.PDF icon 2015DRCN.ps_.pdf (249.79 KB)
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H. Niedermayer, Deliverable 7.3.2: Reports on integration and excellence building in Internet as critical infrastructure, 2014.PDF icon EINS-JRA7-D7.3.2.pdf (568.04 KB)
C. Diekmann, Hupel, L., and Carle, G., Directed Security Policies: A Stateful Network Implementation, in Engineering Safety and Security Systems, vol. 150, 2014, pp. 20-34.
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H. Niedermayer and Carle, G., Sustainable and Resilient Security - do we need inductive uncertainty-aware approaches?, in 2nd Workshop of Understanding the inter-play between Sustainability, Resilience, and Robustness, 2014.
D. Papadimitriou, Lannoo, B., and Niedermayer, H., Towards modelling unpredictable disturbance in networks – how interdisciplinary science can help, in Workshop on Understanding the inter-play between Sustainability, Resilience, and Robustness, 2014.