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L. A. Bygrave and Medeiros, F. A., Brazil's Marco Civil da Internet: Does it Live up to the Hype?, Computer Law & Security Review, vol. 31, pp. 120-130, 2015.
C. Marsden, Comparative Case Studies in Implementing Net Neutrality: A Critical Analysis. 2015.
I. Komnios, Tsapeli, F., and Gorinsky, S., Cost-Effective Multi-Mode Offloading with Peer-Assisted Communications, Ad Hoc Networks, vol. 25(B), pp. 370-382, 2015.
M. Pahl, Data-Centric Service-Oriented Management of Things, in IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM 2015), Ottawa, Canada, 2015.
K. Salamatian, Deliverable 10.1.3: 3rd report on organization of joint graduate courses, 2015.PDF icon EINS_IA2_D10.1.3.pdf (552.85 KB)
P. Antoniadis, Apostol, I., Satsiou, A., and Tassiulas, L., Deliverable 10.2.3: 3rd report on organization of summer schools: From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens, Volos 2014, 2015.PDF icon EINS_IA2_D10.2.3.pdf (1.78 MB)
S. Cimpan, Prandini, M., Salamatian, K., and Turk, Z., Deliverable 10.4: Analysis of the feasibility of a European graduate program in internet science, 2015.PDF icon EINS_IA2_D10.4.pdf (1.51 MB)
T. Davies and Satsiou, A., Deliverable 11.2: Material including the results, outcomes and findings of the project, 2015.PDF icon EINS_SEA1_D11.2.pdf (651.09 KB)
J. Cave, Salamatian, K., Antoniadis, P., Dini, P., Griffiths, F., Hutchison, D., Papadimitriou, D., Tiropanis, T., Papaioannou, T., Scharnhorst, A., and Akdag, A., Deliverable 1.2: Roadmap for an economic theory for information networks, 2015.PDF icon EINS_JRA1_D1.2_small.pdf (1.34 MB)
H. Niedermayer and Powell, A., Deliverable 12.1.3: 3rd report on standardisation and legislation activities, 2015.PDF icon EINS_SEA2_D12.1.3.pdf (216.31 KB)
I. Stavrakakis and Hutchison, D., Deliverable 13.2.2: Internet Science - Going Forward: Internet Science Roadmap, 2015.PDF icon EINS_SEA3_D13.2.2.pdf (1.08 MB)
A. Satsiou, Korakis, T., Fdida, S., Hooper, C., Gorinsky, S., Hutchison, D., Marsden, C., Niavis, H., Niedermayer, H., Oostveen, A. - M., Rouncefield, M., Stavrakakis, I., Tiropanis, T., Vivier, H., and Temps, C., Deliverable 13.3.3: Dissemination report, 2015.PDF icon EINS_SEA3_D13.3.3_part1.pdf (1.7 MB)PDF icon EINS_SEA3_D13.3.3_part2.pdf (1.15 MB)
A. Satsiou, Fdida, S., Marsden, C., Salamatian, K., Brown, I., Dini, P., Vasirani, M., Niedermayer, H., and Vivier, H., Deliverable 13.4.2: Report on identified related European projects and cooperation activities, 2015.PDF icon EINS_SEA3_D13.4.2.pdf (1.17 MB)
M. Rouncefield, Deliverable 13.5: Publication of cross-disciplinary multiple-journal special issue, 2015.PDF icon EINS_SEA3_D13.5.pdf (971.93 KB)
T. David-Barrett, Salamatian, K., Cave, J., Antoniadis, P., Hooper, C., Dunbar, R., and Marsden, C., Deliverable 1.4.2: Report on the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Decision Making, 2015.PDF icon EINS_JRA1_D1.4.2F.pdf (686.59 KB)
A. Satsiou, Tiropanis, T., Tassiulas, L., and Korakis, T., Deliverable 15.1.3: Annual per activity technical reports to the Steering Board and all participants, 2015.PDF icon EINS_D15_1_3_final.pdf (609.28 KB)
T. David-Barrett, Cave, J., Passarella, A., Mainetto, G., Mordacchini, M., Giunchiglia, F., Stavrakakis, I., Niedermayer, H., Antoniadis, P., and Scharnhorst, A., Deliverable 1.6: Roadmap for collective network intelligence, 2015.PDF icon EINS_JRA1_D1.6.pdf (1.16 MB)
A. Satsiou, Tiropanis, T., Tassiulas, L., and Korakis, T., Deliverable 16.4.3: Yearly management reports, periodic reports and any other reports requested by the EU from the Consortium, 2015.PDF icon EINS_D16_4_3_final.pdf (1.23 MB)
K. Salamatian, Deliverable 1.7.3: 3rd report on integration and excellence building in Theory of Internet Science, 2015.PDF icon EINS_JRA1_D1.7.3_a.pdf (713.56 KB)
C. Hooper, Cave, J., Papaioannou, T., Verbrugge, S., Rouncefield, M., and Crowcroft, J., Deliverable 2.1.3: Repository of methodologies, design tools and use cases, 2015.PDF icon EINS_JRA2_D2.1.3.pdf (979.33 KB)
K. Guevaras and Wüchner, P., Deliverable 2.4.3: 3rd report on integration and excellence building in emergence theories and design methodologies, 2015.PDF icon EINS_JRA2_D2.4.3.pdf (496.13 KB)
H. Niavis, Lovász, G., Fischer, A., Lopez-Buedo, S., Salamatian, K., Auge, J., Buob, M. - O., Papaioannou, T., Yoneki, E., Morando, F., Iemma, R., Futia, G., Canova, L., Tiropanis, T., Wang, X., and Passarella, A., Deliverable 3.2.2: Online experimental and empirical evidence base for internet science; datasets, tools, methodologies and community engagement mechanisms, 2015.PDF icon EINS_JRA3_D3.2.2.pdf (1.39 MB)