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L. Valerio, Bruno, R., and Passarella, A., Adaptive Data Offloading in Opportunistic Networks through an Actor-Critic Learning Method, in Ninth ACM Workshop on Challenged Networks (ACM CHANTS 2014), Maui, Hawaii, USA, 7 September. , Maui, Hawaii, USA, 2014.
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A. Powell, Coding alternative modes of governance: learning from experimental 'peer to peer cities', in Code and the City Workshop. Maynooth, Ireland September 2-5., 2014.
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P. Dini and Kioupkiolis, A., Community Currencies as Laboratories of Institutional Learning: Emergence of Governance through the Mediation of Social Value, in Inaugural WINIR Conference, Greenwich, 11-14 September, 2014.
M. Mordacchini, Passarella, A., and Conti, M., Community Detection in Opportunistic Networks using Memory-based Cognitive Heuristics, in The Third International Workshop on the Impact of Human Mobility in Pervasive Systems and Applications (IEEE PerMoby 2014), 24-28 March, Budapest, Hungary., Budapest, Hungary, 2014.
G. Nomikos, Pantazopoulos, P., Karaliopoulos, M., and Stavrakakis, I., Comparative Assessment of Centrality Indices and Implications on the Vulnerability of ISP Networks, in 26th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC'26) , 2014.
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N. Blenn, Content Propagation in Online Social Networks, Delft University of Technology, 2014.
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A. S. N. Utta Nambi, Vasirani, M., Prasad, R. V., and Aberer, K., A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Data Processing Architectures for the Smart Grid, in ACM International Workshop on Wireless and Mobile Technologies for Smart Cities (WiMobCity), 2014.
F. Morando and Artusio, C., Creative Commons 4.0 Licenses: a Sui Generis Challenge?, in International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2014 (CeDEM14), Krems, 2014.PDF icon artusio2014creative.pdf (216.08 KB)
C. Artusio and Morando, F., Creative Commons 4.0 Licenses: a Sui Generis Challenge?, in International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2014 (CeDEM14), Krems, 2014.PDF icon artusio2014creative.pdf (216.08 KB)