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D. Trossen, Hooper, C., Holzer, R., Sourlas, V., Guevara, K., Papadimitriou, D., Fischer, A., and Surridge, M., Deliverable 2.4.1: 1st Report on integration and excellence building in Emergence Theories and Design Methodologies, 2014.PDF icon D2_4_1_Final.pdf (531.46 KB)
C. Hooper, Deliverable 2.4.2: 2nd Report on Integration and Excellence Building in Emergence Theories and Design Methodologies, 2014.PDF icon EINS_D2_4_2.pdf (618.38 KB)
T. Tiropanis, Morando, F., Niavis, H., Lovász, G., Fischer, A., Lopez-Buedo, S., Salamatian, K., Auge, J., Buob, M. - O., Papaioannou, T., Yoneki, E., Iemma, R., Futia, G., Wang, X., and Passarella, A., Deliverable 3.2.1.: Online Experimental and Empirical Evidence Base, 2014.PDF icon EINS_D3.2.1.pdf (997.71 KB)
F. Morando and Tiropanis, T., Deliverable 3.3.2. Report on integration and excellence building in Internet experimentation and measuring, 2014.PDF icon EINS_JRA3_D.3.3.2.pdf (699.67 KB)
Z. Turk, Bygrave, L. A., Marsden, C., Morando, F., Powell, A., Salamatian, K., and Zevenbergen, B., Deliverable 4.2 Drafts of Catalogues and Regulation/Governance Taxonomy, 2014.PDF icon D4.2_Final.pdf (1.04 MB)
B. Zevenbergen and Marsden, C., Deliverable 4.5.2: 2nd Report on integration and excellence building in regulation, governance and standards, 2014.PDF icon EINS-JRA4-D452 final.pdf (644.69 KB)
A. Mantelero, Deliverable 5.1.2: Internet Privacy, Identity, Trust and Reputation Mechanisms, 2014.PDF icon D5.1.2_Final.pdf (3.44 MB)
I. Brown, Bygrave, L. A., de Meer, H., He, X., Herkenhoener, R., Mantelero, A., Niedermeier, M., Papaioannou, T., Pierson, J., Prandini, M., Sui, Z., Theodorakopoulos, G., and Zevenbergen, B., Deliverable 5.2: A Roadmap for IoT/Cloud/Distributed Sensor Net Privacy Mechanisms, 2014.PDF icon EINS-JRA5 D5.2.pdf (1.74 MB)
A. - M. Oostveen, Deliverable 5.3.2: 2nd Report on integration and excellence building in privacy, identity, reputation and trust, 2014.PDF icon EINS_JRA5-D5.3.2.pdf (1.01 MB)
B. Zevenbergen and Marsden, C., Deliverable 6.4.2: 2nd Report on integration and excellence building in Virtual Communities, 2014.PDF icon EINS-JRA6-D642 final06062014.pdf (443.76 KB)
H. Niedermayer, Deliverable 7.3.2: Reports on integration and excellence building in Internet as critical infrastructure, 2014.PDF icon EINS-JRA7-D7.3.2.pdf (568.04 KB)
X. He and de Meer, H., Deliverable 8.2 Investigation of ICT for Green Solutions, 2014.PDF icon D8.2_Final.pdf (6.62 MB)
B. Lannoo, Deliverable 8.5.2: 2nd Report on integration and excellence building in Internet for Sustainability, 2014.PDF icon EINS_JRA8_D8.5.2.pdf (688.82 KB)
P. Antoniadis and Apostol, I., Designing for local institutions in the hybrid city, in Inaugural WINIR Conference, Greenwich, London, UK, 11-14 September, 2014.
C. Ogonowski, Ley, B., Randall, D., Mu, M., Race, N., and Rouncefield, M., Designing with users for domestic environments: methods-challenges-lessons learned, Proceedings of the companion publication of the 17th ACM conference on Computer supported cooperative work & social computing, ACM. pp. 335-338, 2014.
C. Diekmann, Hupel, L., and Carle, G., Directed Security Policies: A Stateful Network Implementation, in Engineering Safety and Security Systems, vol. 150, 2014, pp. 20-34.
P. Pantazopoulos, Karaliopoulos, M., and Stavrakakis, I., Distributed Placement of Autonomic Internet Services, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol. 25, no. 7, 2014.
B. Guidi, Conti, M., Passarella, A., and Ricci, L., Distributed protocols for Ego Betweenness Centrality computation in DOSNs, in Fifth International Workshop on Pervasive Collaboration and Social Networking (IEEE PerCol 2014), 24-28 March. Budapest, Hungary., Budapest, Hungary, 2014.
N. van Adrichem, A. Lua, R., Wang, X., Wasif, M., Fatturrahman, F., and Kuipers, F., DNSSEC Misconfigurations: How incorrectly configured security leads to unreachability, IEEE Joint Intelligence & Security Informatics Conference (IEEE JISIC 2014), the Hague, the Netherlands, September 24-26. 2014.
P. Antoniadis, Ott, J., and Passarella, A., Do It Yourself Networking: an interdisciplinary approach (Dagstuhl seminar 14042), Dagstuhl Reports, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 125-151, 2014.
E. Biondi, Boldrini, C., Conti, M., and Passarella, A., Duty Cycling in Opportunistic Networks: the Effect on Intercontact Times, in 17th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (ACM MSWiM 2014), Montreal, Canada, September 21-26. , Montreal, Canada, 2014.
P. Bangera and Gorinsky, S., Economics of Traffic Attraction by Transit Providers, in IFIP Networking 2014, 2014.
E. Polymerou, Chatzakou, D., and Vakali, A., Emotube: A Sentiment Analysis Integrated Environment for Social Web Content, Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS14), Greece. . 2014.PDF icon Emotube A Sentiment Analysis Integrated Environment for Social Web Content.pdf (3.29 MB)
K. Nowak, Martens, M., and Izzo, D., Empirical Performance of the Approximation of the Least Hypervolume Contributor, PPSN2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 13-17, 2014. 2014.
M. Hadef, Apostolaras, A., O'Reilly, J., Mourad, A., Mouhouche, B., Koutsopoulos, I., Korakis, T., and Tassiulas, L., Energy Aware Buffer Aided Cooperative Relay Selection, in IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2014, Instanbul, Turkey, 6 - 9 April, 2014.PDF icon bare_conf_wcnc_v4.pdf (395.72 KB)