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A. Alhussainy, Hummel, K. A., and Antoniadis, P., How Much Can We Carry? A Capacity Analysis of Delay Tolerant Networking in Developing Countries, In Proceedings of ACM MobiCom Workshop on Lowest Cost Denominator Networking for Universal Access (LCDNet), 2013. 2013.PDF icon Howmuchcanwecarry.pdf (1.7 MB)
G. F. Anastasi, Cassarà, P., Dazzi, P., Gotta, A., Mordacchini, M., and Passarella, A., A Hybrid Cross-Entropy Cognitive-based Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Cloud Environments, in Eighth IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (IEEE SASO 2014), London, UK - 8-12 September. , London, UK, 2014.
A. Anastopoulou, Koutsopoulos, I., and Stamoulis, G., Efficient Incentive-driven Consumption Curtailment Mechanisms in Nega-Watt Markets, in IEEE SmartGridComm, Venice, Italy, In Press.
E. Ancillotti, Bruno, R., Crisostomi, E., and Tucci, M., Using electric vehicles to improve building energy sustainability, in IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference (IEVC), 2014.
E. Ancillotti, Bruno, R., Crisostomi, E., Tucci, M., and Conti, M., ENERGYTEST: A Tool for Assessing Building Energy Sustainability, in 5th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) European 2014 Conference, October 12-15, Istanbul, Turkey., Istanbul, Turkey, 2014.
E. Ancillotti, Bruno, R., and Conti, M., The Role of RPL Routing Protocol for Smart Gird Communications, IEEE Communications Magazine, January 2013, pp: ., pp. pp. 75-83, 2013.
E. Ancillotti, Bruno, R., and Conti, M., Smoothing peak demands through aggregate control of background electrical loads, in 5th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) European 2014 Conference, February 19-22, Washington DC, US., Washington DC, USA, 2014.
T. Anderson, Busby, J., Rouncefield, M., and Niedermayer, H., Deliverable 7.2.1: Social aspects in understanding Internet as critical infrastructure and implications for future networks, 2013.PDF icon D7.2.1_Final.pdf (1.65 MB)
P. Antoniadis, ICT Ownership and the right to the hybrid city, in ‘Using ICT, Social Media and Mobile Technologies to Foster Self-Organisation in Urban and Neighbourhood Governance’, Delft, 16-17 May, 2013, 2013.PDF icon delft_antoniadis_right_to_the_hybrid_city_abstract.pdf (65.58 KB)
P. Antoniadis, Apostol, I., Dini, P., Klaus, P., Kioupkiolis, A., Littera, G., and Sartori, L., Hybrid Spaces of Transition, Wide Open Call for Calls, Tourette Journal , 2014.
P. Antoniadis and Apostol, I., The Neighbourhood Game: from Behavioral Economics to Urban Planning, in 1st International Conference on Internet Science, Brussels, Belgium, April 10-11, 2013., 2013.PDF icon Theneighbourhoodgame.pdf (654.94 KB)
P. Antoniadis and Apostol, I., NetHood: A social learning approach for hybrid space design, in Joint AESOP/ACSP Planning Congress, Track on "Spatial and Planning Analysis Methods in a Digital World", Dublin, Ireland, July 15-19, 2013., 2013.PDF icon aesop_2013_TrackNo_11_Antoniadis_apostol_nethood_abstract.pdf (97.75 KB)
P. Antoniadis, Apostol, I., Unteidig, A., and Joost, G., CONTACT: Facilitating Information Sharing between Strangers Using Hyper-local Community Wireless Networks, in UrbanIxD Symposium 2014, Venice, Italy, 2014.
P. Antoniadis, Fdida, S., Griffin, C. H., Jin, Y., and Kesidis, G., Distributed Medium Access Control with Dynamic Altruism, In Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Ad-hoc Networks (ADHOCNETS), Paris, October 2012. . 2012.PDF icon Distributed_medium_access_control.pdf (293.51 KB)
P. Antoniadis, Ott, J., and Passarella, A., Do It Yourself Networking: an interdisciplinary approach (Dagstuhl seminar 14042), Dagstuhl Reports, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 125-151, 2014.
P. Antoniadis and Apostol, I., Collective awareness as a public good: bottom-up experimentation with the NetHood toolkit, First Monday, special issue on Internet Science, In Press.
P. Antoniadis, Apostol, I., Guevara, K., and Trifunovic, S., ICT-mediated Information Sharing in Public Spaces, in World Social Science Forum 2013, 13-15th October, Montreal, 2013. , 2013.PDF icon wssf13_extended_abstract_short_public.pdf (52.5 KB)
P. Antoniadis and Apostol, I., The Right(s) to the Hybrid City and the Role of DIY Networking, Journal of Community Informatics, vol. 10, 2014.
P. Antoniadis, Fdida, S., Griffin, C. H., Jin, Y., and Kesidis, G., Distributed medium access control with conditionally altruistic users, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2013, 2013.PDF icon Distributed_medium_access.pdf (1.16 MB)
P. Antoniadis, The neighbourhood game: an information sharing experiment in real life, in 15th International Conference on Social Dilemmas (ICSP), Zurich, 10-13th July, 2013, 2013.PDF icon icsd2013_antoniadis_neighbourhood_game_behavioural_economics_abstract.pdf (47.16 KB)
P. Antoniadis and Apostol, I., Designing for local institutions in the hybrid city, in Inaugural WINIR Conference, Greenwich, London, UK, 11-14 September, 2014.
P. Antoniadis, Apostol, I., Satsiou, A., and Tassiulas, L., Deliverable 10.2.3: 3rd report on organization of summer schools: From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens, Volos 2014, 2015.PDF icon EINS_IA2_D10.2.3.pdf (1.78 MB)
I. Apostol, Antoniadis, P., Cukic, I., Dini, P., Kioupkiolis, A., Klaus, P., Scott, B., and Sotiropoulou, I., Open Call Project Compare Deliverable 2.1: Comparing self-organization theories and local communities, 2015.PDF icon COMPARE_D1.2.pdf (1017.6 KB)
I. Apostol, Antoniadis, P., and Banerjee, T., Flânerie between Net and Place: Possibilities for Participation in Planning, Journal of Planning Education and Research, vol. 33, no. 1, pp. 20-33, 2013.
I. Apostol, Antoniadis, P., Dini, P., Kioupkiolis, A., Klaus, P., and Littera, G., Open Call Project Compare Deliverable 1.3: Interdisciplinary explorations of self-organization in practice, 2015.PDF icon EINS_COMPARE_D1.3.pdf (1.17 MB)