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Bitcoin draft paper released to SSRN

By Andres Guadamuz and Chris Marsden - full pre-publication version to follow early in 2015.


JRA4 at co-regulation Agora Plenary in Brussels

The 3rd plenary of the European Commission Co- and Self-Regulatory Code of Practice Agora was held on 24 November in Brussels at ECOSOC, 99 Rue Belliard. Chris Marsden, leader of JRA4, acted as Rapporteur for the dialogue on comparison tools - which has direct relevance for Internet-based comparison websites and mesasurement tools. "The session will also look into if and how the dialogues could possibly further evolve towards EU self- and/or co-regulation." Speakers were:

IGOV2 joint JRA4/JRA5 seminar ongoing

The University of Oslo Faculty of Law is hosting its final IGOV2 (Internet governance) seminar, chaired by Prof Lee Bygrave, an EINS member, who gave a Day 1 speech on contractual governance in the Internet ecosystem, focussed on Terms of Service (e.g. Facebook), ICANN contractual relations and interconnection agreements. The second day features discussions on privacy, net neutrality and Internet governance, led by Prof Ian Brown (OXF) and Dr Jonathan Cave (WARW) with interventions by Prof Chris Marsden (SUSSEX) amongst others.

JRA6 Workshop report: majority of student attendees, popular disciplines psychology, evolutionary biology, economics

26th Human Behavior & Evolution Society: 30 July 2014 Introduction & Context: Human sociality, an evolutionary phenomenon that broadly translates as positive social affiliation, has been taking new forms of manifestation since the rise of the Internet and related technologies. We text our romantic partners, like our friends’ posts on social networking sites, send electronic cards to our relatives, to name only a few of the many new ways we initiate and maintain our social bonds.

JRA4/5 speaking at UK Internet Governance Forum

Both JRA4 and JRA5 coordinators, Ian Brown and Chris Marsden, are speaking at the UK IGF, on cybersecurity and IANA transition respectively. See: Moderating panel on IANA transition #UKIGF with Alex Blowers (Nominet) JJ Sahel (ICANN) Dominique Lazanski.

Re-Thinking Architecturally Workshop

Leaders of JRA2 are holding a workshop in September (22 - 26 Sept) at which they aim to have representatives of each EINS JRA, and a diverse representation of disciplines.The workshop, 'Re-Thinking Architecturally', aims to address the topics of architecture and design from multi-disciplinary perspectives, and to broaden thinking, bring fresh concepts and methods, and identify implications for design. Building on the first JRA2 workshop in December 2012, this workshop will have unconference-style open sessions. Particular goals are to:

Internet science at #ICANN50

JRA4, 5, 6 leaders are at #ICANN50 discussing future Internet and privacy, with Andres Guadamuz (Sussex) speaking on Internet, free trade and development. See 'Privacy Discussion Hosted by the Non Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG)'

Joint JRA4/5 workshop on net neutrality inside iGov2 final workshop

The final conference of the Igov2 research project will be held 8-9 September in Oslo. The joint workshop is on 9th September, with contributions by Jonathan Cave, Ian Walden, Chris Marsden, Ian Brown, Lee Bygrave (hosting) et al.


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