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Internet Governance month on LSE blog

October was Internet governance month - not least due to the JRA4 activities at #igf2013 - see the SIXTEEN posts on Alison Powell's epic blogging month at the LSE here:


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The Warren Center for Data & Network Sciences is an incubator of forward-thinking research, culturally impactful innovation, and potent interdisciplinary collaboration that challenges how the world views technology. Warren Center has multiple postdoc positions starting in the Fall of 2014. Selections will be made on a periodic and rolling basis, continuing into further years. The application procedure (described below) requires candidates to be nominated internally by Center faculty affiliates, so interested candidates should first contact potential Penn faculty hosts in their areas of interest to facilitate a potential nomination.
Warren Fellow candidates should have research interests in the subjects supported by the center, which include but are not limited to network science (including the study of social, technological, economic, organizational and biological networks, as well as underlying foundational areas such as graph theory, game theory, mechanism design) and data science (including machine learning, statistics, data privacy and security). The ideal candidate will have a strongly interdisciplinary research agenda with a demonstrated track record, and would be nominated by faculty affiliates of the Warren Center in two or more Penn departments who will act as hosts, advisors and collaborators of the candidate: