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Title: Discover CAPS2014 programme and meet some of the EINS partners

EINS partners will be largely represented on the occasion of CAPS2014 (the first international event on collective awareness platforms for sustainability and social innovation (CAPS) to be held in Brussels on July 1-2 this year. A workshop will bring together EINS partners and other prominent researchers to discuss the Networked Individualism concept. This co-located event will be about the societal shift from the traditional closely-knit groups of families, neighbourhoods, or work groups towards loosely bound, sparsely knit, and fragmentary social networks.

Come and interact with researchers from various disciplines and take advantage of the research and innovation potential of the concept of Networked Individualism.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Brussels! For registration, click here

Get a closer look to the CAPS2014 event:

Beside CAPS projects, which will be all represented on the 2ndJuly at the European Commission and organise some of the OFF workshops on July1st, the programme aims at aligning different kind of institutions, individuals and European networks working at the cutting edge of social innovation and civil engagement: Solve Together, Barry Wellman from the University of Toronto NetLab, Code for America, the Young Foundation, TOPix, ENoLL, FI-PPP, ICT & Art Connect, EINS, P2P Food Lab. A BarBeerCamp will provide a space for attendees to present their own digital social innovation initiatives.

On July 2, the CAPS2014 Conference part, held at the European Commission (Charlemagne building), will be formally opened by Mr Robert Madelin, DG of European Commission’s DG Connect. It will provide participants with an overview of current projects and initiatives, and include an information session on the upcoming CAPS Call under Horizon 2020.