Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Inaugural EINS Summer School Tutor Presentations

Between 13th and 17th August 2012, the first ever EINS Summer School took place in Oxford at the Oxford Internet Institute and Queen's College. Please find the tutors' presentations from the week below.

Jonathan Cave, Agreeing to Disagree About Privacy: Markets as Privacy, Identity and Trust Mechanisms.

Noor-ul-hassan Shirazi, Rob Heyman, Alison Cies, Mahdi Asadpour, Mehdi Riahi, Qinghua Wu, Joanna Kulesza, Laura Sartori, Communicating Privacy Risks to Users (Student Presentation).

Privacy for 2020 (Student Presentation).

Caspar Bowden, Privacy Dichotomies of Internet Policy.

Chris Marsden, The 'New new new' Thing: Internet Standards and Governance, Definitions and Disciplines.

Joss Wright, Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis Mechanisms and Formal Guarantees.

Karmen Guevara, Dimensions of Identity, Trust & Privacy as Socio-Cultural & Psychological Phenomena.

Kave Salamatian & Eiko Yoneki, Summer School Presentation.

Runa A. Sandvik, Online Anonymity Before and After the Arab Spring.