Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Internet Privacy and Identity, Trust and Reputation Mechanisms (JRA5)

About this Working Group

The explosion of content and data in the forms of messages, photos, videos and links in social networking sites and cloud computing servers across the Internet has raised questions about user privacy and the security of his/her data, concepts that are little understood even by experienced users. Aiming to become a reference point for the coordination of studies in legislation and technology addressing privacy, identity, online trust and reputation, JRA5 will draw together and further develop research on distributed social networks (such as Diaspora and Footlights), partial identities (PrimeLife), privacy-protective sensor networks (FRESNEL), privacy beliefs and behaviours (PVNets), online trust and reputation mechanisms. It will integrate research efforts, scientific concepts and methodologies from computer science, psychology, anthropology, sociology, political science, statistics, graph theory, behavioural economics and law, and will investigate trade-offs between anonymity and accountability, and how decentralized privacy-enhanced systems can protect against spam, offensive content and criminal activities, while at the same time creating reliable and trusted mechanisms for online interaction based on reputation systems.

JRA5 Deliverables

Deliverable 5.1.1 Overview of Online Privacy, Reputation, Trust, and Identity Mechanisms

Deliverable 5.1.2: Internet Privacy, Identity, Trust and Reputation Mechanisms

Deliverable 5.2: A Roadmap for IoT/Cloud/Distributed Sensor Net Privacy Mechanisms

Deliverable 5.3.1: 1st Report on integration and excellence building in JRA5

Deliverable 5.3.2: 2nd Report on integration and excellence building in privacy, identity, reputation and trust

Deliverable 5.3.3: 3rd Report on integration and excellence building in Internet privacy and identity, trust and reputation