Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich was founded by the Swiss government in 1854 as a polytechnic and opened its doors in Zurich in 1855. Until 1969 it was the only national university in Switzerland. Today it is part of the ETH domain, which is made up of the two universities in Zurich and Lausanne (the EPFL) and four national research institutes. The Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory of ETHZ was founded in 1989 and is a part of the Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Department. In this project, ETHZ participates through its Communication System Research Group (CSG). Staffed by a professor, 5 senior researchers and 19 doctoral students, the CSG provides the necessary resources for a successful project. CSG conducts cutting edge research in the areas of wireless and mobile networks, network measurements, network security and the Future Internet. The CSG is well connected with other research laboratories, but also with the leading industry (Siemens, IBM, Technicolor, national and international ISPs, etc.). CSG has participated intensively in EU projects, starting with the RACE program (1992). The group coordinated the FP6 project ANA and is coordinating the FP7 project ResumeNet. It is currently involved in four other FP7 projects (OFELIA, EPiCS, DEMONS and SCAMPI). Through its experience in participation in EU projects and its outstanding research records, the CSG is very well suited for the research and tasks of this ambitious project, as well as for dissemination and exploitation in research and higher education. The experience of the group relevant to the project is in its research in network measurements and the empirical analysis of software vulnerabilities and their impact on the security of the Internet at large.