Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is the first academic institution to specialize in comprehensive research into computer and communication science and technology in China. A number of research units came out of ICT one after another, including the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC), Institute of Microelectronics, the Institute of Software, and, as well as hi-tech companies such as Lenovo and Dawning. The CNIC builds the CSTNET (China Science & Technology Network), which has 1 million users and is becoming one of the top large-scale networks in China. Based on the CSTNET, ICT has experienced in network for more than twenty years. The initial efforts lied in network infrastructure building, management and network applications. From 2000, we moved our focuses to IPv6-based next generation networks, the mobile network, the network measurements and modelling. These works resulted in not only a number of advanced protocols and algorithms, which were published in reputable conferences and journals, but also a series of prototypes and products, which have been used wildly. For example, IPv6 protocol conformance test system has been granted to Agilet, GN NetTest and Navtel. With abundant experiences in network, from 2008, we have been specializing our studies in Future Internet, including network behaviour model, the future Internet architecture, the programmable virtual routers and the experimental testbed. We view the network as a service and proposed SOFIA, a Service-oriented Future Internet Architecture. Aiming at bridging the gap between new Internet protocols and experiments, we have built a programmable virtual router platform, called PEARL. We have also identified a number of interesting network behaviours and used mathematical models to character them. Last, researches of CAS investigate on the combination of wireless mesh networks with sensor networks, regarding how to establish routes and connect sensor network to Internet by mesh nodes, how to advertise gateway’s existence to sensor nodes, how to accomplish secure transmission between sensor network and Internet.