Network of Excellence in Internet Science

National ICT Australia (NICTA)

NICTA ( is Australia’s National Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) research. It was established as part of an Australian government initiative (“Backing Australia’s Ability”) to promote science and innovation. NICTA aims to capitalise on the untapped Australian ICT talents of international standard. NICTA has been conducting innovative research in computer and mobile device networking for several years. It is currently a partner in various EU projects within the FP7, namely Onelab2, NADA, and SAIL. NICTA has a strong experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of various large-scale testbed systems. Indeed NICTA has built and is currently maintaining and extending several wireless research testbeds, such as an indoor test-bed with more than 40 nodes with multiple wireless interfaces, an outdoor testbed deployed at street intersections in a Sydney’s neighborhood, and a wireless sensor testbed deployed at an active road bridge. Furthermore, NICTA has been collaborating with WINLAB at Rutgers University in the development of a management and control framework (OMF) for the NSF funded ORBIT testbed, which is also now designated as a core GENI technology component.