Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

The OII was founded as a department of the University of Oxford in 2001, as an academic centre for the study of the societal implications of the Internet. The OII’s research faculty, academic visitors and research associates are engaged in a variety of research projects covering social, economic, political, legal, industrial, technical and ethical issues of the Internet in everyday life, governance and democracy, science and learning and shaping the Internet. The OII has developed its own unique DPhil programme in Information and a MSc in Social Science of the Internet ( Below are some of the recent OXF projects related to EINS: Towards a Future Internet: This study has explored what a Future Internet should be — by researching the possible social, psychological, technological and economic options for its further development and their likely socio-economic impacts: Explore the past — examine prior studies and analyze how the current Internet evolved to date, its main drivers and effects; Define possible future scenarios and assess their likely socioeconomic impacts — investigate the interrelations between techno-logical, social, psychological and economic trends and developments related to a Future Internet, verified using Delphi surveys. Produce preferred visions for Europe of a Future Internet, in terms of each of the four forces. Oxford eSocial Science (OeSS): Scientific collaboration is increasingly coming to be seen as critically dependent upon effective access to shared digital research data and the advanced information tools that enable data storage, search, retrieval, visualization, and higher level analysis. The increasing role that advanced ICTs play in the practice of scientific research promises the potential to transform the way facts about the physical and social world are acquired, shared, analyzed, and translated into useful knowledge. Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS): This research is designed to offer detailed insights into the influence of the Internet on everyday life in Britain. OxIS is an authoritative source of information about Internet access, use and attitudes. Some of the areas covered include: digital and social inclusion and exclusion; regulation and governance of the Internet; privacy, trust and risk concerns; social networking and entertainment; and online education. Surveys have already been undertaken in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009. OxIS represents the UK's input into the World Internet Project. The Global Internet Values Project: This project is a collaborative research project between IN-SEAD, the Oxford Internet Institute, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and ComScore. This re-search aims to identify patterns and trends in individual attitudes and behaviors related to online trust, privacy, security and freedom. KNETWORKS, dissemination and networks of knowledge: This project is focused on the creation of a permanent network of excellence, based on Information Technologies that enable the participating entities to collaborate, share and profit from a range of bottom-up innovations. The project studies the conditions and requirements for the creation of the European Knowledge Centre in the Atlantic Area. This initiative is an open network based in the Atlantic area with a main interest in the fields of: e-government, innovation, knowledge transfer, technology, the Internet, collective intelligence, future and the creation of knowledge.

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