Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Stockholms Universitet

The Mobile Life research centre at Stockholm University with SICS and Interactive Institute as strategicallt important research partners, is located in Kista outside Stockholm, Sweden. The Centre started in 2007 and has funding until 2017. After three years, the Mobile Life Centre has grown to be about 50 researchers, exploring experiential, leisure and playful mobile and ubiquitous interactions. The research is interdisciplinary, involving researchers from computer science, interaction design, sociology, psychology but also game designers, artists, dancers, and fashion experts. The Centre’s competitive edge lies in making serious research on what we might normally portray as “unserious” activities in collaboration with our industry partners Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft Research, TeliaSonera, Company P and Bambuser. We get inspired by doing studies on people's mundane leisure and creative activities such as horseback riding, hunting, parcour, dancing or role-playing. We use those insights to spur innovative design processes, resulting in mobile applications, sensor-based applications, pervasive games, mobile mash-up services, new mobile media, technical platforms and materials to support amateurs' creativity. The results range from publishing ambitious books on new playful activities, such as pervasive games and social media on the road, to generating and demonstrating innovative mobile and leisure oriented applications and finding new methods for design and evaluation. The centre has also a close collaboration with our partners from the public sector, City of Stockholm Municipality as well as with Kista Science City and STING, Stockholm Innovation and Growth. August 29th to September 2nd the centre will arrange Mobile HCI 2011, the leading international conference on mobile human computer interaction.