Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Technische Universiteit Delft

The Delft University of Technology ( is the oldest and largest technical university of the Netherlands. The university is organized in eight faculties each covering a number of technical disciplines. The department of Telecommunications is one of six departments of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) and covers a wide scale of telecommunications topics. The Network Architectures and Services section (NAS, is part of the Telecommunications department and conducts research in the broad area of data communication networking as well as fundamental research on complex networks.

TUDelft / NAS has expertise (and publications) on developing algorithms for Quality of Service (QoS) and/or Reliable routing, defining, computing, and measuring network robustness parameters, modelling self-adaptive streaming P2P systems, and measuring user quality of experience. In general, the NAS group conducts fundamental research on complex networks (ranging from infrastructures like the Internet, to social networks, to biological networks like the brain). The NAS group further has set up a networking lab and test-bed for conducting measurements related to QoS.