Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Universitetet i Oslo

The Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL), which is part of the Department of Private Law, UiO, is one of the world’s oldest research institutes in the computer law field, having been established in 1970. It has been characterised in the Law Section of The Times (London) 6th April 2004 as “the finest of its kind in the world … [and] an exemplary inter-disciplinary facility housing an international community of students and the most extensive computers and law library on Earth”. The NRCLL is pursuing research on governance of the Internet, focusing particularly on the legal aspects related to governance of the Domain Name System (DNS) as a key component of what are commonly termed “critical Internet resources”. The research is organized as a specific project, titled “Governance of the Domain Name System and the Future Internet: New Parameters, New Challenges”. The primary objective of the project is to improve understanding of current and proposed changes to DNS governance. Equally important is the aim of elucidating for the main stakeholders in DNS governance (and Internet governance more generally) the full parameters of the policy choices they face. This involves elucidating the legal elements of those parameters. The Distributed Multimedia Systems group has been working on clean-slate solutions for the Future Internet in the ANA project. Currently, they are looking into delay tolerant transport of video data in mobile networks (DT-Stream project) and internetworked sensing and actuation, including data management and aggregation issues and complex event detection (SIRIUS project). Both the NRCCL and DMS group are also interested in investigating security and privacy issues with an interdisciplinary approach, e.g. examining how legal parameters for privacy regulation can be (automatically) taken into account for technological Future Internet solutions.