Network of Excellence in Internet Science

University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana (LJU) ( is the largest University in Slovenia and has over 56,000 students and 3,700 staff. The participating group has considerable experience in participation and management of international projects. In 1993, LJU was among the first in the field to start publishing on the Internet and the WWW (among the first 1,000 Web servers world wide) and studied the role of communication media, such as the Internet, on the industries practice. Institute of Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering and Construction IT (ISE) is a part of Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (FGG). Over the last 35 years ISE has developed into the largest teaching and research unit at the Faculty and is mainly involved in three fields: (1) structures, (2) earthquake engineering and (3) construction information technology. In 1999 the FGG founded a company "Institute FGG" which is looking at exploiting research results commercially. The institute already sells engineering analysis software as well as an integrated suite of applications. LJU has been working on several EU TEMPUS and ERASMUS projects, in the Esprit projects ToCEE, SCENIC and ETTN-CONNET and in the IST projects ISTforCE, ICCI and ProdAEC. LJU has been co-ordinator of the FP5 IST project SciX and FP6 IST project InteliGrid (, and technical co-ordinator of the FP6 IST DataMiningGrid ( project. LJU also hosts the first Web based academic journals ITcon (, bibliographic database on CAAD CUMINCAD software ( and many others.