Network of Excellence in Internet Science

University of Warwick

Among UK universities, Warwick is a unique, and uniquely successful, institution. Warwick is now one of the UK's leading universities, with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching, for innovation and for links with business and industry. In the last government Research Assessment Exercise, Warwick was rated fifth in the UK for research excellence; in the media league tables, it has consistently maintained its position in the Top Ten; applications for undergraduate places currently stand at around 30,000 for 3,000 undergraduate places, and over the last seven years we have built up from scratch a flourishing Medical School. Now, as we approach Warwick's 50th birthday in 2015, our challenge is plain: how to focus activity and drive so as to attain greater international pre-eminence. National pre-eminence is no longer enough: we have set our sights on making Warwick a universally acknowledged world centre of higher education by 2015, firmly in the top 50 of world universities. To do so we need to reinvigorate that unique mixture of entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to absolute academic excellence that has served the University so well in the past and that is largely responsible for our success to date. Warwick hosts a range of institutes and projects of direct and particular relevance to the work proposed. The ground-breaking Warwick “Centre for Complexity Science ” was established to connect and develop interdisciplinary research in complexity science at all levels, train a new generation of complexity scientists via a doctoral training centre (DTC), understand, control and design complex systems, produce break-throughs in the principles and applications of complexity science, link with end-users as sources of real-world problems and beneficiaries from the resulting knowledge and trainees, and sustain a lively intellectual and practically based environment for complexity science. Warwick is the base for a £50M Digital Lab , a multi-disciplinary research centre combining the expertise of the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) with world-class research in underpinning sciences including psychology, medicine, computer science and mathematics. In addition to its own research, it hosts businesses wishing to engage in hi-tech R&D and graduate education in association with the WMG’s degree pro-grammes, who are encouraged to come and discover the potential for cost-effective research at the Lab. The Warwick Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) is designed to promote collaborative research projects of international calibre and profile. It operates across the full range of University Departments, Schools and Research Centres in the Faculties of Arts, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences as well as engaging with the programmes, performances and exhibitions of the Warwick Arts Centre. Previous IAS initiatives have developed a range of multidisciplinary projects connecting life sciences, social sciences and natural sciences particularly in relation to complex and adaptive ‘cybernetic’ systems. In addition, active research projects on e.g. the governance of livestock disease, mimesis in human behaviour, self-organisation and financial regulation, have helped inform Warwick’s proposed involvement; for instance by modelling the interaction of models of behavioural change, contagion and structural change in networks involving partially informed and strongly interacting agents.

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