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Cedric Manara

Prof. Cedric Manara has been working on internet-related legal issues for more than fourteen years. In 1995 he wrote the first French Master thesis on private law and the Internet, and has analyzed French or foreign cases which relate to that topic since then. He works as a consultant for e-commerce companies or law firms. Famous French newspaper Le Monde wrote he is a “key personality of the digital economy”.
Cedric Manara is also an expert in intellectual property. In 2005 he was an invited researcher at the Institute of Intellectual Property in Tokyo. The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice wrote he is “one of the liveliest and most influential intellectual property educators and opinion-makers to emerge from France in recent years”.
In 2010, he received a Google Research Award.
Cédric Manara also works on marketing-related legal issues (online or offline). He is the author of a book on Marketing and Law.
In 1999, Cedric Manara was appointed by EDHEC Business School (France), where he mostly works on these issues. Since 2000 he has been head columnist for Dalloz, a prominent French law publisher, for which he is in charge of the electronic commerce section.
In 2004, he worked one year at Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, in 2009 one trimester at the Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Università degli Studi di Salerno (Italy), and in Spring 2010 at the Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali (LUISS, Rome). He has been working in Finland (affiliate researcher at the IPR University Center) from September 2010 to April 2011. He is currently based in Paris.
He is a panelist to the Czech Arbitration Court (both for UDRP and ADR .eu Disputes), the Kuala-Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration, and an third-party Decider to the Belgian Centre for Mediation and Arbitration. He is, or has been, expert to intergovernmental, European or French institutions.