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Ewa Luger

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Ewa Luger

Ewa Luger is a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham exploring issues of user consent within pervasive computing contexts. The focus of her study is the appropriateness of current conceptions of consent for emerging contexts, with a particular interest in government and regulated services. Professionally, she has 12 years experience of developing and directing social research and evaluation strategies within the voluntary and community sector, across a diversity of research applications and contexts. She also currently works for Niace (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education)

Past academic research has included; an investigation of the interface between academic knowledge/ research and policy making/ practice (sustainable development and human security), and a critical review of policy, practice and theoretical perspectives relevant to the achievement of a fully digitally inclusive society.

Past non-academic research has included studies into the social impact of technology in contexts such as Adult and Community Learning organisations, Offender Learning, The Army, and Local Authorities.

Ewa is supported by the Horizon Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Nottingham (RCUK Grant No. EP/G037574/1)

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