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Franco Bagnoli

Franco Bagnoli was born the 16/6/1961, received a master degree in Physics from the University of Florence in 1989 and a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) in 1994. He works as a researcher in Matter Physics in the department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Florence (italy). He is author of more than 60 papers in international journals with refereeing, and some 60 other publications in conference proceedings. He has supervised 8 M. Sc. thesis (in physics, biology, and engineering) and 9 Ph. D. thesis (physics, nonlinear dynamics, and complex systems). His research focuses on complexity in Physics, Biology, Cognitive Sciences, and Informatics. In particular, he works on evolutionary applications of iterated game theory, emergence of human heuristics, opinion dynamics, behaviour of groups and crowds, community dynamics, and their application to informatics. He has acted as a consultant for several software companies before his entering Florence University, where he is researcher in Physics of Matter. He has lectured on Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism in the careers of Environmental and Civil Engineering, and on Statistical Physics and Information Theory in Informatics Engineering. He also lectured in other European universities (Belgium, Poland, France). He has been the local coordinator for Florence of the TO61 experiment (Physics and Biology) of the INFN, and presently coordinates at the national level in Italy the PIECES experiment (Complex Systems) of the same institution. He is or has been local coordinator of European (SciCafe, RECOGNITION, SciCafe2.0, FOCAL-EINS) and national ("La scienza ha fato rete"-MIUR) projects, and participated from several PRIN projects, both national and international. He presides the cultural association Caffe-Scienza Firenze, devoted to scientific popularization.