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Marco Bani

Marco Bani, 29 years. After my MA degree in Humanities Computing (University of Pisa, Italy,2008) I started a collaboration with King's College of London, CCH ( Centre for Computing in the Humanities). My first assignment was as Assistant Lecturer for the course MA in Digital Culture. Later I became a Research Fellow at King's Visualization Lab, a CCH internal team, focused in the use of new technologies in humanities research. From 2008 to 2010 I have been working on the developments of Virtual Worlds as a tool to improve teaching and learning and how 3D environment and game engine can be used to share cultural content. Most of my time as a researcher at King's has been spent working on " The Oplontis project", a 3D virtual world focused on the visual reconstruction of the biggest roman villa in the Pompei (Italy) area. In addition to my university studies worked in different areas as a teacher, programmer, web designer, content developer.
I started my "other life", as a politician, dealing with the newborn Democratic Party (2007). Subsequently I was elected city councillor in Pisa during the elections held on April 2008. 
Since then I have tried to follow several political events, especially regarding technology innovation, free expression, privacy and intellectual property, building strong connections nationwide with politicians and policy-makers.
I have a personal blog in which I write my personal view mostly about politics and new technology
I’m currently a PhD candidate in "Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability " at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, (Pisa, Italy), where I'm trying to merge my two identities, one as academic and the other as politician, researching about the promotion of democracy through the Internet and social media.
I have written 2 books (in italian): "Srebrenica per non dimenticare", on the Bosnian genocide, and "Italia ce la puoi fare" on the future of my country.
Actually I'm visiting student at M.I.T, Center for civic media.


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