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Pamela Briggs

I currently hold a Research Chair, working in social media and interaction design, with a specific focus on trust, identity, security and inclusion. Some of my most recent projects explore these issues in the context of health and ageing. I have an international reputation for my work in this field, and have given a number of invited and keynote presentations, including: a keynote presentation to the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing and e-marketing summits in 2008, an invited address to the World Health Summit 2009, the opening address at the Second International Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (Canada) and the keynote to the 2010 IFIP Trust Management conference in Morioka, Japan. Two of my collaborative projects were showcased in (i) the British Council’s celebration of UK-Canada Innovation ( and (ii) RCUK and UUK’s Big Ideas for the Future: UK research that will have a profound effect on our future. Most recently, I have been commissioned by the UK Government Office for Science to write a Technology Foresight Driver Review on the Future of Identity and have been instrumental in securing one of only four founding EPSRC/GCHQ awards that will constitute the UK’s new Institute for Cybersecurity.

Within current research awards I am leading on (i) a project to explore how patients share their experiences online and use these shared experiences for emotional support and for health decision-making; (ii) an inter-generational project that compares responses to identity management technologies across the ages, but that also captures the experiences of marginal groups such as refugees; (iii) field testing of a suite of software that can be delivered on common tablet platforms and that can be used to give older adults access to a full range of customised health and social services; and (iv) a project that explores the psychological barriers to good security practices in the workplace. My current collaborations involve the Universities of Oxford, Warwick, Essex, Dundee, Loughborough and Newcastle and embrace the disciplines of design, computer science, political theory, gerontology and health. I am also currently a member of the University’s REF Advisory Group – one of a team of six senior staff tasked with overseeing policy and decision-making for REF 2012.