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Rezwan Haque

I am interested to see the impact of internet and social media use by healthcare providers, healthcare professionals as well as patients and the impact of smartphones on clinical care; is in the remit of my research area which broadly can fall under the category of Medicine 2.0, health 2.0 and eHealth;which provides a basis for my interest in the Fifth Estate as a new form of accountability in the healthcare sector and fostering a concordant approach to patient care happens in a simultaneous way. Internet as an additional path to gain health and medicine knowledge it’s very reasonable to believe having relationship with Patients’ health decisions and/or outcomes.

My research aim is to examine the role of patients’ online experiences as a resource for choice and decision making in health care and utilization of online patient experience data for improving health service delivery. Patients now routinely leave feedback or stories about their care online, but this material is often overlooked by healthcare providers in favor of formalized feedback. At present we do not know much about who is commenting, why this is and what it could mean for healthcare. My work will sit on the interface between research, policy and practice.

The objectives of my research work are as follows-
# Evaluating the effectiveness of ehealth and mhealth tools. Explore the effect of accessing and sharing stories of health and illness on the Internet and the contribution of health literacy level to outcomes affected by information. 

# Investigating how a connected health world is changing; how future online health trends may be shaped; how internet is transforming health system; how patients and the public interact with services and manage their own health.

# investigating how the health service decisions are made especially for Health 2.0.

I’m also the founder of Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) – Bangladesh; is a non-governmental organization, cross-university multidisciplinary in nature. CIS-Bangladesh will explore implications of internet and digital technologies in terms of health, business, economic, technological, legal, political & other dimensions of Bangladeshi society with the special emphasis on policy.