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Vasilis Niaros

I am an engineer/urbanist and a PhD student at the Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology. My research interests include open source technologies, interactive urban spaces and do-it-yourself culture. I am also a research fellow at the P2P Lab and the co-ordinator of the project "Revitalizing urban public space using open source technologies".

Kostakis, V., Niaros, V., and Giotitsas, C. (2014). Production and governance in hackerspaces: A manifestation of Commons-based peer production in the physical realm?. International Journal of Cultural Studies.

Kostakis, V.; Niaros, V., and Giotitsas, C. (2014). Open source 3D printing as a means of learning: An educational experiment in two high schools in Greece. Telematics & Informatics.